Trending This Fall: The SLP Look

Before I get started, just a quick preamble to this post: Yes, I took a hiatus from this blog after I started my job in May of ’14. No, it’s not like I started dressing in sweats and Ts during my time off. It really came down to having to do graphic design day in and day out at the office and not wanting to do more or less the same thing during my time off of work. Partitioning my time off and filling up my free time with different things was critical for my sanity. That being said, I realized it was slightly selfish of me to use the blog only as a stepping stone or a portfolio item on my resume to get a job. I unintentionally robbed the blog of its original intent, which is to help you readers look and feel your best while informing you to stay on top of current or upcoming trends. So let’s get into it.

The Look: Brought to you by SLP

There are a couple different names for this look such as the Saint Laurent look, Harry Styles core, and street-rockstar chic. Popularized by Hedi Slimane, the creative director who repositioned YSL to SLP, it’s no doubt my top pick for the season and I’m going all in on it. You can count on seeing me rocking this look whenever you see me. Some guys I look to for inspiration for the style and really embody the look: Harry Styles, Dave 1 (of Chromeo), and Lenny Kravtiz. The points of emphasis for this look are the chelsea/jodhpur boots (leather or suede), a black leather jacket, black denim pants, all with a monochromatic color scheme of mostly blacks with whites/browns as accents. It’s great for going out on the weekends and nightlife. For your convenience, I’ve put together value-oriented versions of these pieces at the end of the post. You’re welcome, lazy-asses.

Silouette: Loose Top, Fitted Bottoms

Dave 1 of Chromeo lives and breathes this look.
Lenny Kravitz.

The fit of this style is characterized by longline trenches, looser tops with scoop necks, and oversized button downs with eccentric patterns like florals, paisleys, and hawaiian. Pants are skinny fitted, and will most of the time be black denim.

Outerwear: Leather Jacket / Longline Trenches

The leather jacket is probably the most critical piece of the outfit and really drives the rockstar aspect home. The most prototypical piece would a be an asymmetrical, double breasted zip-style biker jacket. Black is ideal, and I’ve seen some creative use of red jackets too. Taking cues from the king of pop is probably never a bad thing. Sorry to steal your thunder MJ!

Footwear: Chelsea Boots / Jodhpur Boots

Saint Laurent Cropped Jodhpur Boots. I’m drooling at the sight of these things.
HS rocking the zipped chelseas.

Yoldies, rejoice! (Combo word of “young” and “oldie,” those of you that feel like you were born in the wrong time/generation because you dig older music or aesthetics and don’t buy into the new stuff) The 50’s/60’s are back! Chelsea boots are experiencing a revitalization and I’m SO okay with this. Blacks, tans, and dark browns made of leather or suede are critical focal points to achieve the SLP aesthetic. The Beatles were known to rock the Chelsea boots and it’s very popular in England, which makes sense when you consider Harry Styles as one of the mainstream pioneers of this look. The grail piece? The Saint Laurent Jodhpur Boot that can be yours for just over one grand.

Colors: Monochrome / Black with Whites and Browns

Yours truly.

Black jacket, black pants, brown shoes, and a white top will be the most common color scheme for the look. Use that as a starting point to develop your own twist on it.

Your SLP Budget Starter Kit:

Here are my fast-fashion, value-oriented recommendations to put together a comparable ensemble without having to drop serious cash.

Black Leather Jacket – H&M ($300)

Black Skinny Denim – ASOS ($45)

Brown Leather Chelsea Boots – Zara ($100)


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